Why is it Important to Appreciate Life?

Life is a dynamic process that makes a person move. Like a spinning wheel, we are always after new challenges and achievements. The majority of our time is dedicated to daily routines. So, whenever there is a good moment to inhale fresh air and to take a glance back at what’s been accomplished, I always try to find myself appreciating life.

The moment of appreciation…

For the past couple of months, I have been involved in several interesting projects that consumed most of my energy and forced me to be happy and at certain times disappointed.

Not every activity lifted up my spirit and made me enjoy being proud of myself. Despite the downsides of some of my most recent experiences, today I found a moment to look back and appreciate the new adventures that I have been through these past couple of months, new people whom I’ve met, new countries that I have visited, and knowledge that I have gained. Today is that day when I am here, on Earth, to remember my experiences.

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